Interact Club


Treasurer: Katie Douds

Q: What is the main purpose of Interact Club? What do students who join do?
The main purpose is to help out the community in any way we can. The students in the club can do as much as they want to or don’t want to, it is completely up to them. Are goal is, however to have at least one service project a month for the members to participate in.

Q: When are meetings usually held? [Day of Week, Time, Place, etc.]
A: Our meetings are on the first Thursday of the month in C106, right after school. They don’t last very long, so people involved in sports and other extra curricular activities can be active, too.

Q: Who are the elected officers of the Interact Club? Who is the Advisor?
A: Well, the officers aren’t really elected this year, but the plan is to have elections for next year.
President: Elyse Echard
Vice President: Jess Miller
Secretary: Katie Critchfield
Treasurer: Katie Douds
Advisor: Mr. Snyder

Q: What activities do you have planned for this year?
So far we have planned a “thanks to our troops” supply drive coming up soon, possible caroling in December, and maybe a Valentine’s Day Dance in February and something else that’s heart related. Not much is planned, we are kind of winging it and are always depending on input from the entire club.


 Q: Why would you encourage students to join?
A: Interact Club is an internationally recognized community service club that provides students a chance to help out their community. We are trying to make this a club that focuses on projects that involve activity as opposed to selling things. I can see it being very successful this year and I’m excited to see what kind of things we will be able to accomplish. Plus, you get an awesome T-shirt.

Q: How do interested students join?
A: There are membership forms on the Interact Club board across from the library. Take one of those, fill it out and give it to Mr. Snyder along with the $15 dues.

Q: What opportunities does Interact Club offer to students?
Interact Club offers students an opportunity to really reach out in their community and help, plus I’m pretty sure there is a scholarship opportunity from rotary club for active members.

Q: Other comments about Interact Club this year?