About That Life Tour

On October 30, the About That Life Tour came to Millvale, Pennsylvania in a ten year-old venue called Mr. Smalls, which just so happens to be an even older church.  The atmosphere was cool and calm, besides the raging fans. It had a club feel to it and the sound system was incredible. It didn’t make the bands sound too choppy for the heavy metal sounds.  Fit For A King, The Plot in You, IWrestledABearOnce, Upon a Burning Body, and headliner Attila were lucky enough to have such a crowd in Pennsylvania on the cool October evening.

Fit For a King is a metalcore band from Tyler, Texas formed in 2007. Fit for a King was the first band of the five to play, but people were still only just showing up. As I got there the band was just closing up their set with Hollow King (Sound of the End). But, the crowd was going nuts, jumping and singing in sync.

The Plot in You is an American metalcore band from Findlay, Ohio. The quintet was second to play at the About That Life Tour as they opened up with “The Father’s Seed”. All it took was this one song to get the fans ready for an intense performance. As the fans shoved each other around, pushed forward, pushed back, The Plot in You continued with their righteous tunes and closed with “Fiction Religion”.

IWrestledABearOnce is an American metalcore band who formed in 2007, from Shreveport, Louisiana. The band joined the tour as a surprise, no one knew until their name popped up on the Facebook page for the tour. Fans were more than excited to hear that the gnarly heavy metal band would be on the tour too.

The band was more than kind enough to lend the Upon A Burning Body boys their equipment due to their fashionably late arrival. Even though, most categorize the band under metalcore – the band’s music is considered truly diverse. They use constant changes in genres with their songs, such as jazz, progressive metal, electro, synth pop, and sometimes even hillbilly music.  As Courtney LaPlante, the vocalist/screamer, entered the main spotlight, the crowd went insane. They opened with “You Know They Ain’t Them Dogs’ Real Voices”, “Danger in the Manger”, “Boat Paddle”, “You Ain’t No Family”, and “Taste Like Kevin Bacon”.

Upon a Burning Body is a deathcore band from San Antonio, Texas. Upon a Burning Body was founded in 2005 and is still very much alive today. They stole the show and got the crowd all wound up for Attila. The Texan band came out to greet the crowd with a song of theirs called “Showtime.” After getting the entire wave of people running in circles and shoving each other around, they continued with “Intermission”, “Devil’s Advocate”, “Mimic”, “Desperado”, “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, “Game Over”, “Texas Blood Money”, and “Sin City”.

Attila is an American metalcore/deathcore band from Atlanta, Georgia who were formed in 2005. Frontman Chris “Fronzilla” Fronzak started the band in his highschool days; he and Sean Heenan, drummer,  are the only original members.

The band has released five full-lengths albums, and their most successful album was About That Life which released on June 25th, 2013 and debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at #22.

Song titles of theirs, such as “Rage”, can be interpreted different ways. According to Attila, they want listeners to perceive the message in whatever way they can.  The title of “Rage” can be understood in many ways, one way obviously being a state of anger & the other being a slang term meaning to party!

The young band didn’t want to use typical death metal terms, their name comes from Attila the Hun, a name which they came across in a book not long after their establishment.

Attila was last to play on the About That Life Tour, being the headliner; they opened up with “Let’s Start the Party”; as their insane show carried on they continued with “Rageaholics”, “Rage” – which this song got the crowd of 800 pretty rowdy, the rest of their setlist included “Party with the Devil”, “About That Life”, “Gimmicks and Lie$”, and “Callout”. As Fronz signed the band off for the night, the crowd cheered and roared for one last song. They chanted for a good five minutes until Attila came back to the stage, ready to rage, as they played “Payback”.

To most, mosh pits are dangerous and sometimes serious. Which they are- anything that could happened, happened in the pit. People were thrown on top of people, people were kicked in the face, knocked down like dominos, and squished together. There were the bad times and the good times in the pit of sweaty fans, you just have to be able to keep on your feet. Meanwhile, you’re jumping and pushing people away from you while you rock to heavy jams. Truth be told, there is no person space in the pit. You just had to stay on top of your game and watch out for wild circle pits.

One fact to most metal heads, you have never been to a concert unless you go to a heavy metal concert.