Underground Bands – The Story So Far


As teenagers, we all have our own opinion on what good music is. Some enjoy the rap genre, others the country feel, while others enjoy the alternative rock groove, or even the indie rock sound. To others they enjoy every tune to listen to. Many bands out there that are greatly gifted with musical talent but aren’t as recognized as they should be. One of them is a California based band called The Story So Far.

The Story So Far formed in 2007 from Walnut Creek, California, was featured on the cover of Alternative Press’s March 2013 issue “100 Bands You Need To Know”.   The band consists of five members – vocalist Parker Cannon, guitarist and backing vocalist Kevin Geyer, guitarist William Levy, bassist Kelen Capener and drummer Ryan Torf.

Unlike most bands today, these North-Cal “next-gen-pop-punks” are in a band because they want to be in a band, period. Any success and fame they achieve is first and foremost a by-product of their friendship.

Their sound is leaning more towards punk pop but they make it into good tunes. Three of their most popular songs are “Empty Space”, “Quicksand”, and “Clairvoyant”. Two of the three were played at Vans Warped Tour 2013. The band’s style is an “in your face” kind of sound. Cannon has the kind of attitude that attracts even more fans, at Warped Tour I had no clue who these rebels were.

But as I watched the crowd, they jumped in enjoyment and chanted to the words to “All Wrong” as Cannon sang the words himself – “I woke up covered in the sweat again, worry and fog the lens. No solace, I miss all of my friends. I think back to sleeping on the back bench. Wish I’d let the absence tell them all of the things that I can’t. And now it’s all just patience. My father told me don’t pass this up and take all the luck you can get. It’s never enough, no it’s never enough, no it’s never enough.”

The Story So Far’s music is fantastic because they can catch you attention and enjoyment just as easy as A Day to Remember could, or even the overly popular boy band Big Time Rush. The words they choose to put with the punk riffs and solos makes them an extra special underground band. Like other bands just starting to get their tastes of fame, they understand the hardships in life, along with every other ounce of craziness.