Display Case Created in Commons


All students at the high school start their school day in the commons area. Beyond the yawning and tired eyes of other students, the normal background of walls, televisions, the mosaic and large pillars, students may have noticed a new addition of themselves and their peers, illustrating Greater Latrobe’s personality and character. These traits are represented by all students at Latrobe and many are recognized in the newly created display case that greets each student as they arrive at the senior high each day.

“Make the Most of Your Opportunities,” written boldly above this new addition invites all students to make the most of their time at Latrobe High School, where countless opportunities exist for all students, no matter what they partake in. The display showcases students in all areas of the school, in academics, athletics and arts building for their future through the opportunities offered at Latrobe. “It showcases our students,” said Principal Mr. LoCascio. “It’s the first thing people see when they come in and students are who we are most proud of.”

This display case was not created by one individual, but together in cooperation, a committee of teachers and staff from the school worked to create it. Woodshop teacher Mr. Hudock created the large wooden sign above the case stating the overall theme of the display, “Make the Most of Your Opportunities,” in bold, capital writing.

“Numerous opportunities exist at the senior high in academics, athletics and the arts,” said LoCascio. “We want to help provide each student with opportunity and also show what our students have already done.”

Principal office secretary Mrs. Allhouse also was part of the committee, purchasing the frames, which showcase the students who are recognized. “It’s nice to walk in and see students showcased through photos, instead of thirty-year-old trophies,” Allhouse said. She also added that the display will be changed four times during the school year, recognizing a myriad of our hard working students.

Broadcast teacher Mrs. Houck led her students to capture images of students in action for each category illustrated, adding abundant personality from each. The yearbook staff assisted with photos for the featured fall sports, as well.  Once the photos were taken, a template was created, in hopes that the acknowledgment of Latrobe’s students will continue for years to come. The images were printed and put into the display, actualizing the philosophy of many into a tangible reality.   “It is a really nice tradition to start and a great thing to see,” remarked Houck.

Mrs. Golden, director of the Center for Student Creativity, worked with a design company, Contemporary Design located in West Newton, to create the background of the case. It incorporates the school colors of orange and black, increasing school spirit throughout the halls.  “It’s an excellent way for students to enter school,” Golden stated.

“It’s a beautiful display case,” Allhouse commented, when the project was completed.  “I like when I see students stop and take a look at it. They like to see their peers,” Allhouse commented.

“The main purpose of the new display case for students is to let them see the opportunities they have and to showcase what our students do to guests visiting our school,” said LoCascio. This new display case truly showcases the best of our school, ‘making the most of their opportunities.”