Be A Friend Project

People go through a mass amount of things every day, such as failing tests, eating alone at lunch, being left out, or even being made fun of. Many of those who have the worst issues are seen as normal and happy. You never know what a person might be going through on the inside.

The Be A Friend Project was created on tumblr for this reason. We are committed to help motivate people and give help to those going through depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, anorexia, bulimia, drugs and alcohol abuse, self harm, and multiple personality disorder. We are not guidance counselors, nor do we claim to be, but we have experienced problems that could relate us to others on a serious level.

The Be A Friend group was created to promote kindness, gratitude, helpfulness, and being a friend to those in need. Even if you weren’t bullied, or have anyone bullying you, I suggest you join. You could really help others who are in need of a friend, who just need someone to listen. Those who need a friend, we are here to help and listen. Everything is confidential and we make a promise to be there for you.