What Do You Know?

What do you know about the Naval Yard shooting in Washington D.C.?

“There was one?” – Larissa Hauser, Grade 12
“Someone went AWOL and killed 7 people.”- Emily Biddle, Grade 12
“I know everything.”- Tyler Mears, Grade 11
“A mentally insane guy shot 12 innocent people.”- Kallie Greek, Grade 11.
“The people in the Naval Yard did not have guns, or else they would have shot the guy back.”- Kelly Sanner, Grade 12
“I didn’t know that there was one!”-Haley Puleo, Grade 10
“I didn’t know that there was one, either.”-Maura Miller, Grade 10
“People had gotten shot in the Naval Yard.”-Madison Kollar, Grade 10
“I didn’t know that there was one.”- Kaylee Miller, Grade 10

On Tuesday, September 17, a mentally ill man, of 34 years old shot up the Naval Yard in Washington D.C., killing 12 (including himself) and injuring 8. CNN says that Aaron Alexis, the shooter, had no specific target, but the shooting was premeditated. Alexis had gotten into the grounds with a shotgun, two handguns, and another man’s ID that had a similar resemblance. There is little to no security on the Yard grounds, so this was child’s play for Alexis. To make matters worse, the workers on the grounds were not allowed firearms. Alexis had worked on the Naval Grounds a few weeks before refreshing computers, so it wasn’t hard to find an easy access point. Everyone that knew Aaron Alexis was in complete shock when they found out what he had done. His parents were in tears, his sister as well. People who knew him, described Aaron Alexis as an easy going and happy guy, but as the FBI took a closer look at Alexis’ things, they found disturbing things. Alexis was a distraught and angry man. A month before, Alexis had reported that he was hearing voices,No one knew his advanced knowledge of guns or his anger management problems that he was getting help for. Later, officials found “Better off this way” etched into the shotgun. As of the 25th, officials still have no idea as to why Alexis chose the Naval Yard to commit his bloodbath and apparent suicide.