How to Stay Healthy


Wash your hands.
Wash with soap and water after you use the bathroom, before dealing with food, before flossing, after coming home from a public or dirty place, after touching common objects (grocery carts, door handles, etc.), before and after you eat, and after you cough/sneeze/blow your nose.

Use hand sanitizer.
Only use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. IT IS NOT  A REPLACEMENT FOR WASHING YOUR HANDS!

Do not share.
Do not let your friends, or your enemies, drink from your beverage or eat the same food as you. You may seem rude if they ask for a bite, but you will at least stay healthy.

Keep your hands away from your face.
Do not touch your nose, mouth, or ears because that is the easiest place for germs to enter your body. It is a breeding ground for germs. It increases your chance of getting sick and it is just plain old rude.

Get plenty of sleep.
You need to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night, it may be hard with your busy schedule, but it is extremely important in order to stay healthy. It also helps you to not fall asleep in class.

Eat well.
Good nutrients build a strong immune system which will keep you healthy. Even though our school’s stuffed crust pizza may taste better, the salad bar is a less appetizing option that is a better for you.

Drink a ton of fluids. It is simple, but effective.

Use common sense.
Do not be stupid. Use your common sense and best judgment and you should be able to stay healthy.