What is Your Favorite Summer Vacation Spot?

What is Your Favorite Summer Vacation Spot?

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation over the summer? Do you like the beach, maybe an amusement park, or even a camp?


“Probably Disney World cause I get to feel like a kid again.” Rachael Perry, sophomore

“New York City.” Alex Jabbour, junior

“I like Siesta Key in Florida.” Maggie Baugh, sophomore

“Niagara Falls.” Dylan Pal, junior

“San Juan in Puerto Rico!” Alura Manning, junior

“Las Vegas.” Hannah Ciocco, sophomore

“Somewhere over the rainbow.” Jason Geiger, junior

“I’m going to Spain!” Lindsey Anna, sophomore

“Camp Oasis with Maddie Wilson!” Carly Lubic, junior

“My couch and Westoros.” Adam Sarp, junior

“My favorite is Lighthouse Christian Camp in Barker, NY!” Haley Simpson, senior

“Sandbridge, Virginia.” Maddie Wilson, junior