What Did You Do Instead of Prom?

What did you do instead of Prom?


“How about studying for an AP test on Monday.” -Ajay Padmanabha, sophomore


“I interviewed someone for broadcast.”-Dillon Berry, junior


“I saw Iron Man 3!” -Emily Mulhern, sophomore


“I played video games…..sigh.”- Chris Nakles,junior


“I went to an Anti-Prom party!”-Jocelyn Farabaugh, junior


“I went to a Chinese buffet.” -Krystal Modecki, sophomore


“I did some homework and played playstation.”- Nathan Carota, junior


“I slept.” -Zack Sarnese, junior


“I went to Kennywood with my boyfriend.” -Sarah Haenel, junior


“I studied for the AP history test and slept.”- Katie Hillebrecht, junior