Spring Playlist


new albums

Spring calls for turning a new leaf, and that new leaf includes new clothes, and new music. Here are some albums coming out this spring

Save Rock And Roll by Fall Out Boy

For fans of: All Time Low, Paramore

It didn’t matter what musical direction Fall Out Boy would take, because some fans are always going to be disappointed. This fast paced album that is certainly not rock and roll echoes their Take This To Your Grave roots, but is distinctly power pop. Old and new fans will rejoice for their return.


DEMI by Demi Lovato

For fans of: old Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry

There is no one who can say Demi Lovato does not have talent. Her strong vocals and penchant for writing strong female centric break up songs have shot her straight out of the Disney kid mold to her own persona. Heart Attack is the lead single from the album and has received a lot of exposure on the radio. Anyone can say that Demi has definitely made a name for herself in the music world without the help of Disney.


Golden by Lady Antebellum

For fans of: Taylor Swift, The Band Perry

Lady Antebellum’s full, forward sound is a breathe of fresh air for country lovers everywhere. Their hard work has paid off in the past few years; they’ve received six Grammys and they’ve been “country’s sweethearts” for the past few years.


Ungrateful by Escape The Fate

For fans of: Falling In Reverse, My Chemical Romance

Escape The Fate has already made a name for themselves with over a million records sold worldwide. Their distinct sound has not wavered in the eight years they’ve been together. Even with the departure of bassist Max Green, their emo rock sound is still going strong.


Random Access Memories by Daft Punk

For fans of: Phoenix, Deadmau5

This electronic duo has been around for 20 years and hasn’t strayed far from their distinct techno sound. Lovers of the duo’s grand performances and robot costumes, their antics are always welcome in the electronic music field.