Intramural Sports


When someone talks about the sports they played in high school, it is usually perceived that they are talking about varsity sports. In many schools, however, intramural sports exist for kids who may not have the time to dedicate to varsity sports, and want to exercise in a fun way.  This school year, intramurals are being brought to Greater Latrobe.

The intramural program was established by physical education teacher Mr. Byers.  “My goal was to start a recreation program for students so that they do not have to drive all the way to Greensburg YMCA, also to promote lifetime fitness habits.”  Byers said.  While the purpose of the program may have been to promote healthy habits, with an ample amount of interest and participation by the students, it can quickly become an activity that students want to do.

The first scheduled event, dodge ball, took place on October 9, 2010. When asked about the turnout of the contest Mr. Byers said, “We had a lot of teams sign up, which was encouraging. But for whatever reason not that many showed up on Saturday”. As for suggestions on how to increase attendance, he mentioned getting in contact with student organizations to help advertise events and set up more desirable times.  Some students admitted that if the event was at a better time, they might attend. When asked if the date of the tournament had an effect on his decision to go, Senior Dan Trainer said, “If the tournament wasn’t on a Saturday, I would go.”

The intramural schedule this year offers many different sports in addition to dodge ball including three -on- three basketball, volleyball, flag football and softball. Mr. Byers said that the plan is for one event to take place per month but he stressed that the students must participate in order for the program to be successful. “The most important part of the program is demand, the kids must want it” Byers said. 

If intramurals are to be continued at Latrobe, it is vital that the students show interest and the events take place at a time when more students can participate. In the right conditions, intramurals will be a fun way for students to get in shape, have fun and compete in sports.