Blog of a Walking Log


“We’re off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!” That we are, Dorothy. When I found out that the spring musical for 2013 was to be The Wizard of Oz, I was skeptical. Not only was I never a fan of the movie growing up, but I found Dorothy pouty, and her companions needy. The sing-songy voice of Judy Garland and her petty annoyances was not my cup of tea. I wasn’t all that familiar with the music, either. However, we’re one month out from opening night and the characters and music have begun to grow on me.

I’ve never been a huge actor or dancer, but singing has always been apart of me. I didn’t expect any big parts when I auditioned, but I was shocked to see my name on the callback list, especially since I don’t participate in any school choirs or take voice lessons, and they based the auditions off of your vocal talent. Even more shocked was I to see my name next to “6 trees” along with Lindsey Anna, Emma Rockwell, Savannah McElhaney, Angelina Poole, and Jocelyn Farabaugh. It was a bigger part than I had expected. In the few scenes that the trees are apart of, they do stand out. After all, six trees throwing apples at a scarecrow and a little girl is hard to miss.

Being a tree isn’t the roughest, toughest thing that there will be on stage. Our jobs are to be sassy and mockingly sing with the Tin Man, Dylan Pal, about his hollow chest. We start of the Tin Man’s song, “If I Only Had a Heart” and mostly do background vocals for the rest of it.  As for lines, each tree has a snarky line to fire at the Scarecrow or Dorothy. While I can master the lines and the singing, photosynthesis is not on resume.