Earning College Credits in Highschool


Earning college credits when in high school allows a student to get ahead in their major or to  learn about something they enjoy.  A student does not need to attend that college for their selected major, because the credits are transferable. Not every college will accept the credits, but most colleges do accept the transfers. To take any of the eligible courses, a student just needs to talk to their guidance counselor for verification.


Penn Highlands Classes

Cost:  For 3 credits it costs $117, for 4 credits it costs $156 cost you can earn college credits during school hours!

Courses: Accounting I, Art History, Astronomy, Anatomy & Physiology, Intro to Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP English Language and Composition.  “AP Lang. makes you think about more than just english,” said Katie Hillebrecht, Junior.

Requirements: Students must maintain a “C” or better to earn the college credit.

Mt. Aloysius

Cost: The courses cost $45 per credit plus a yearly registration fee of $20.

Courses: AP Biology will be counted as a 4 credits, AP Calculus AB will count as a 3 credits, AP Calculus BC will count as a 4 credits,  AP English Literature and Composition will count as a 3 credits.  “AP Bio is a course that makes you THINK. It’s not just memorizing and learning the concepts, but knowing and understanding the material on a deeper level,” said Jessica Brown sophomore.

Requirements :  Students must be a junior or senior, have a pre-existing cumulative GPA of 3.0 and maintain a minimum grade of 2.0 “C” in each class  the student is enrolled.

New Next Year!!
St. Francis University
Cost: $55 per credit plus a $15 registration fee.
Courses:French level 3, level 4, and AP level will get one college elective credit. “I am looking forward to working with St. Francis,” said Mme. Zalweski.
Requirements: Students must get an “C”  or better to pass.