Principal Lunches



      Any student is given the opportunity to have their voice heard and to have a role in the school. On January 29, 2013, students met with principals over lunch to discuss issues and make suggestions. Seniors Eli Imbrogno, Liz Ritenour, Blake Reeping, Mitch Lesko and sophomores Tyler Mears, Abby Pratt, and Steph Kubus took advantage of this opportunity.   “It is very informal, and everyone’s voice is heard,” said Mr. LoCascio.

“I like how the students can bring problems directly to the principals and get answers,”  said Stephanie Kubus, sophomore.

One topic that was on students minds was room temperatures.  “They’re always freezing,” said Abby Pratt sophomore. A coat is needed to be comfortable from the downstairs “C” hallway to upstairs “F” hallway but, strangely enough, not in the athletic wing.

Other topics discussed were two hour delay schedules, school safety, lunches, stink bugs, and helping freshmen pick classes.

“There was a lengthy discussion on helping freshman pick future high school classes,” said Mr. LoCascio. Letting students get more of an insight than just the “blurb” in the catalog was strongly suggested.

School safety. “ I think students that came were reassured of the extra precautions that are in place,” said Mr. LoCascio.

Several benefited from this luncheon. “I thought it was very productive! It gave students a better view on how things work throughout the school,” said Pratt . Students asked questions and received answers. The principals were able to get insight on students’ thoughts.