Movie Review: The Social Network


More than 500 million active users go on Facebook on an average of 55 minutes daily. The Social Network tells the story of how this website was created and transformed into the worldwide website it is now.

The Social Network, directed by David Fincher, is a movie about the creation of the social network program, Facebook.  It tells the true story of how Facebook was created. 

The movie begins with Harvard college student, Mark (Jesse Eisenburg) on a date with his girlfriend Erika (Rooney Mara).  Mark jumps from subject to subject and will occasionally backtrack to one of the previous subject that is confusing Erika. 

The date ends with Erika breaking up with Mark.  Furious with the way things turned out, Mark goes back to his dorm room and writes a hateful blog about Erika with insulting things throughout it. 

He then comes up with a bigger idea that is to take pictures of all the female students and pair them up with each other and do a “who’s hotter” contest.  The response that he received was negative from the female student body and he got reprimanded by the administrators. 

His project did, however, catch the attention of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who had an idea for a Harvard internet dating sight where you could meet new people from the school.  This is what sparks the idea for a new program for Mark called the Facebook where you could see pictures and profiles of other students from Harvard, as well as different schools in a hundred mile radius. 

Mark then meets Sean Fanning (Justin Timberlake) who invented Napster music but then got into legal issues and he had a reputation damaging effect on people and businesses.  He influenced Mark to change his business and fire his best friend, Eduardo, (Andrew Garfield) who helped him start Facebook. 

Shortly after this, Facebook is booming.  Mark is now a billionaire and has a large company of programmers working for him.  He is in a legal case with the Winlevosses and another with his best friend.  Both are suing for credit to Facebook. 

The movie was very exciting and had a lot of important points that kept the viewer on the edge of their seat.  The quick change from past to present in the form of flashbacks helps the viewer to keep a vigilant look out for new information that’s key to the plot.  All in all, I “became a fan” of this movie.