Les Miserables leaves viewers in awe


Les Miserables occurs in France after the revolution. Everyone thought the country would be different, but they were wrong, it was worse than before. The story starts off with slave,who is on probation. The slave encounters a holy man and starts following God. This turns his life around and he begins to help others. The audience follows him around in his journey to help others and lives through all of his hardships and sorrows. Claudia Puig of USA Today gave Les Miserables 3.5 out of 4 stars.  “Victor Hugo’s grim, but redemptive, classic novel is given resplendent new life on the big screen. Les Miserables is sweeping, as would be expected given the scope of the hugely popular stage musical from which it is adapted. But it’s also wonderfully intimate, thanks to Tom Hooper’s deft direction.”

Les Miserables has GLSD student body in awe! Hollywood has twisted a classic musical into a breathtaking movie. Filmmakers nailed it. This musical is amazing!  Some students went to see it after a week or two of it being released. Theaters were packed with people of all ages. Elderly people who just came after church to teenagers who slept half of the morning.  Many students not only saw the movie once but twice. Powerful moments ran wild. They packed excitement, romance,and mystery all into one movie. Everybody who left  the theater had teary eyes by the final song.  Modern actors and actresses brought a new life to the classic tale. The well known actors combined beautiful singing and acting! Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway all starred in the movie!

Even teachers are encouraging students to see the movie. French classes were offered bonus if they went to see it. The movie takes place in France post revolution so it can be used as a teaching point. “ Les Miserables was such an amazing movie, but very sad. French is my favorite class, Madame is an amazing teacher! She makes the class a lot of fun!”  said Cassidee Knott sophomore.

The Euro History and Literature classes also got bonus for seeing the movie. Mr. Ferraro and about 17 students went after school on Tuesday to see the movie.  Ferraro said, “I thought it was a musical and it turned out to be an opera. It was good, I saw it through the eyes of a father. I connected with the father and daughter [Jean Valjean and Cosette]. As a group[The euro language class] we  talked before [the movie] about the  historical significance. Then after the movie we discussed the Post French Revolution history. The next day we discussed a little history about Javert (detective) suicide and how it was symbolic of being trapped in the state. It can also relate to Germany [Nazis] and Syria today.”

The music department will go to Pittsburgh to see the musical  on stage January 27. Students are excited about this. “ I can’t wait to see it on stage because the movie was awesome,”  said Angelina Poole sophomore.

Les Miserables is classic tale that touches all audiences in its own unique way! Weather you are a theater kid, french kid, history kid, or a kid who just enjoys a good movie. Everyone loves the movie Les Miserables.