How to Manage Your Time


What  to do:

 Make a list

After spending all day at school and then having another few grueling hours of practice or work, take the time to plan out what you’re going to do for the rest of your night.

Put away all distractions

As hard as it may be, turn off your phone, put your iPod away, log off of Facebook and turn off your TV.

Find a quiet place

Studying in a noisy environment is hard to do. Leave the room where your brother’s watching TV, or the room next to the one your little sister is blasting music in. Get away from the loud noises and finish your homework.

Have all your supplies ready

Having to leave your study area to get a calculator or ruler, can break your concentration for the night. Walking past the TV where your favorite show is playing can distract you for good.

Plan a few short breaks in between challenging assignments.

When you know that an assignment is going to take a lot of brain power, plan a few two or three minutes breaks into your schedule. Take this time to get up, move around and regroup before sitting back down to finish the assignment.

What not to do:

Take a ‘power nap’

Even though taking a short nap after getting back from a hard practice or a long shift may sound tempting it’s not something you want to do. Taking a quick nap can make you even more tired.


Waiting until after your favorite show can seem like a better option than writing your English essay, but when you wait too long it may never get done. As the night goes on you get more and more tired, before you know it you may not be able to keep your eyes open enough to type even a sentence of your essay.

Don’t lie down and study.

Laying on the floor or on a bed may seem like a tempting option for a studying place but in actuality it just makes you more tired. Sitting at a hard surface in an upright position will help you stay awake and more concentrated on your work.

Don’t ignore your growling stomach

Running around after school, from practice to work to home may be distracting, right when you sit down your stomach starts to growl with hunger. Don’t ignore it, take a break get some brain food and get right back to work. When you’re that hungry you won’t be able to concentrate.