Pre-Show Chatter


When you were little did you ever dress up as Dorothy?
“No, I haven’t dressed up as Dorothy. I definitely expect the musical to be big and bold this year with all the special effects planned. Also, I expect to have a fun time with the rest of the cast, since The Wizard of Oz is such an imaginative musical.”
Lauren Takitch, Senior, Dorothy

How will you prepare to be wicked?
“I’m going to imagine how I would feel if I was already willing to do whatever it took to get what I want, had come very close to doing that, and then found out the only thing keeping me from getting that is a teenage girl who just killed my sister…and I’m going to paint myself green.”
Lindsey Ferguson, Junior, The Wicked Witch

Why do you think you were chosen for the role of the lion?
“They (the directors) think I’m timid.”
Adam Sarp, Junior, Lion

Before you auditioned did you consider yourself for the Tinman?
“Well, I actually did project what it would be like to be cast as Tinman. It seemed to be the best fit for me and what I can do, but of course, you can never take anything, especially casting, for granted in the business of theater. I felt I was more prepared for this role because I can tap dance and sing in the tone suitable to the Tinman. The character would have fit very naturally with my personality. Although I was eager, I took a lot of time to get the right sound for the audition song and sell my strengths written on the audition form.”
Dylan Pal, Junior, Tinman

Have you thought about how to play a character without a brain?
“No I have not!”
Matt Johnson, Senior, Scarecrow

Were you surprised you got a role as a sophomore?
“Yes and no. I mean not that guys try out for the musical, so I kinda expected something. But at the same time I’m a sophomore, so I wasn’t expecting a big role at all.”
Garret Binkey, Sophomore, The Wizard

How did it feel to get a lead in you first school production?
“ I feel really welcome. Everyone has been so welcoming and I feel honored that I am a senior. This is my first production, and I got a lead! Especially because this is my first year with the fine arts group. I have made so many new friends.”
Clare Harkins, Senior, Glinda

Are you excited to be part of such a large production?
“ I am very excited! I think my favorite part will be opening night!”
Cassidee Knott, Sophomore, Ensemble

What do you think your favorite part of this show will be?
“ I can’t wait to learn the dances!”
Lindsey Anna, Sophomore, Tree

What’s up with the Pit?
“I play the violin and I think the music will be challenging but a lot of fun. I think the music will turn out really well!”
Janine Schomer, Sophomore, Violin in the Pit

Directors’ Viewpoint

“I expect that The Wizard of Oz is going to be a huge spectacle that will leave audiences wanting more! “-Mr. Krack

“I expect that this show will be a huge success for our drama and music departments. I believe that with the talent that we have in this cast, crew, and instrumentalists, it will no doubt be a huge success. In comparison to the last two years, this show provides new and unique challenges for the musical staff. A West Side Story was all about the dancing, Children of Eden was all about the vocals,  The Wizard of Oz is all about the staging and technical aspect. The version we are doing is very similar to the movie and when you think through the movie you think: how do you stage a cyclone, how do you stage a house falling from the sky, how do you make a witch fly on stage, how do you make the wizard? Those are questions that we are working to figure out. I expect that our cast, crew and instrumentalists have the ability to make this a show in which Greater Latrobe remembers and I look forward to the students making it a huge success.”  -Mr. Murray