Jacob Dylan meets Jakob Dylan

Jacob Dylan meets Jakob Dylan

“Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real.” Jakob Dylan woke up into music. His father Bob Dylan was also a famous musician. His father was a bigger musician than him but alot did not like him at the beginning of his career. He was considered to be playing devils music.

Jakob Dylan started making music at a young age. When the Wallflowers started in 1989,  they were first called The Apples. Now the Wallflowers have five albums, including the newest Glad All Over.

Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers were  in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Library Music Hall on November, 6 2012. They had a great setlist, some new songs other great hits. This is the Glad All Over 2012-2013 tour for the Wallflowers.

I entered the concert not knowing Jakob Dylan was a two time Grammy winner. His song “One Headlight” was the number one video for VH1 and number five video for MTV. With this classic song, Jakob Dylan won both Grammys: one for best rock song by group and the other for writing the best rock song.

I knew who his dad was going into the show. I knew he was a good artist. I didn’t expect to feel that Jakob Dylan was as good of an artist as his father. I did not know that he and his dad sound alike in many songs.

This venue was great and I knew it had great  acoustics, our seats were two or three rows back from the stage in the loge. I could hear each instrument as much as each lyric Dylan whispered, at some point. I did not think Jakob would bring it up multiple times during the show.

At the end of the show I got to talk personally to Jakob Dylan. I said,  “I came into the show not a big fan of him but  of his dad and thought it would be cool. Then I left a fan of Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers.”


As I thought about when I was born sixteen years ago, and “One Headlight” was a Grammy-award winner, I was curious where he was when he was sixteen. I asked him if he thought at about sixteen that he would be walking in his dad’s footsteps being a good artist and having multiple albums. He said, “Well, I always wanted to fill big footsteps and you should, too. Because if you don’t, what’s the point? You always need to expect to fill big footsteps, instead of small.”

As any individual, his life has many twists and turns. As a sixteen year old kid, I wonder, would he change anything about his life. Dylan said, “No, I wouldn’t change anything because I’m doing great right now,  four great kids and a wife. If I were to change anything I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I may have done things growing up that weren’t right, but I have a great life so i would keep it the same.”

And on that day at Carnegie Music Hall in Homestead, I woke up from my dreams and my life became real.