Thanksgiving Traditions Carry On

Thanksgiving Traditions Carry On


What is your favorite tradition, you do with your family?

“We always get together for dinner, and run around like crazy people with black friday and such! I help my mom make dinner!”
Angelina Poole,  Sophomore

“My family goes to my great uncle’s and they play poker.”
Jessica Shawley,  Sophomore

“ I always eat at my aunt’s house and sleep afterwards!”
Adam Sarp, Junior

“My uncle shoots a turkey, and the rest of the family is disgusted!”
Katie Hellibracht, Junior

“It’s interesting how many families always have their set. Thanksgiving day schedule that they do year after year. For me, it’s always something different; one year I’m at my grandma’s house up the road. The next I’m in North Carolina with much of my family still back home.”
David J. Coleman,  Senior

“The first thing we do on thanksgiving is the turkey trot. We’ve done it almost every year. Then our family always goes to my nana and papa’s for thanksgiving dinner and spending time with extended family. We never go black Friday shopping though. Thats not what thanksgiving is about!”
Haley Simpson,  Senior