Voices: What important issue must the President address?

What is the most important issue that the president, whoever he may be, must address?

“War, and get some more bayonets and horses in the army.” -Ajay Padmanabha, sophomore

“The economy, specifically the national debt.” -Britney Gaia, senior

“Social security, national debt, and creating more jobs.” -Steve Sanner, senior

“Creating jobs for unprivileged Americans and addressing the national deficit.” -Alex Stumpf, junior

“The fact that the national debt is increasing and all of our jobs are going to China.” -Adam Redinger, senior

“Jobs.” -Steph Kubus, sophomore

“Tax spending.” -Cam Carr, sophomore

“Equal rights.” -Lindsey Ferguson, junior

“Women’s rights.” -Lindsey Anna, sophomore

“Prices on things like gas and groceries.” -Niki Kusy, junior