Fall Fashion Favorites


  1. Jeggings- A cozy combo of leggings and skinny jeans. It’s like a two for one deal. The extra stretch makes them comfortable to wear while the denim keeps the look polished. Jeggings look cute paired with a loose tunic style top.
  2. Boots – All styles of boots are in this fall. High heeled “booties”, motorcycle boots, cowboy boots, and suede boots. You name it, it’s most likely in. Boots look cute with almost anything too, which makes them a definite must-buy. But beware that you don’t break out the Uggs too early, snow boots should be saved for the snowy weather.
  3. Lace -Lace can add a feminine touch to any look. A simple lace tee over a matching camisole can up your style instantly. Don’t overkill the lace though; just a small touch is enough.
  4. Motorcycle Jackets -Ward off the fall chill in style. The off center zipper and tougher look make this style of jacket irresistible. A leather jacket is super cute, but if you are more budget conscious, a simple twill version is equally effective.
  5.  Military look- Cargos, olive green, lace up boots, and bomber jackets all add to the popular military style. Add a small feminine touch with a necklace or some pastel pink to keep it from looking too tom-boyish. 


  1. Mixing Patterns- Plaid and stripes? Go for it. The trend is to throw the classic “fashion rules” out the window and mix things up. Just make sure that the patterns have matching colors to keep it from looking like you don’t know how to dress yourself.
  2. Bold Colors- Drab fall colors are a thing of the past. Pull out your vibrant tees to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Don’t go neon or rainbow, just a little here and there works.
  3. Sweaters- Whether striped, a cardigan, or classic argyle, a sweater is a warm way to stay in style. It looks very polished and is dressier than a t-shirt, but is still warm and cozy; a perfect compromise.
  4. Rugged look- Plaid shirts and outdoorsy boots create a laid-back style perfect for fall. Bad hair day? A “just rolled out of bed” do only adds to the outdoors look, making it a great go-to outfit.
  5. Fitted Jeans- Baggy, falling off your waist jeans are out. Find a pair that actually fit you. But don’t revert to the other extreme either; your jeans should not be as tight as your girlfriends.