GLSD Program Featured in Bloomberg Reports

In September 2011, Kennametal introduced a new program to the Greater Latrobe Senior High school allowing fifteen seniors and juniors to participate in a fifteen week program showcasing engineering and manufacturing careers. The program takes place at the headquarters for Kennametal in Latrobe, PA after school every Tuesday and Thursday. Students participating are permitted to leave school early on those days to attend the program.

The Young Engineers Program includes classroom discussions, hands-on projects, and mentoring from Kennametal’s research, development, and engineering team. Even though it was the pilot run for the Young Engineers Program last school year, the group was featured in the Bloomberg Reports, an online database providing business newswires, descriptive information, research, and statistics.

An article was posted on describing the program, what it’s trying to achieve and it’s purposes. The program “aims to provide the beginner with the skills necessary for an entry-level job in manufacturing,” by focusing on” attracting more young people to careers in industry,” the article stated. The article included quotes from Kennametal’s founder, Philip McKenna about the overall goals of the program, which was to “provide the opportunity for exploration and discovery about the jobs in manufacturing and engineering.”

The fact that a high school program in its first year was showcased in such a way is impressive. Not surprisingly, The Young Engineers Program continued this 2012-2013 school year, still providing the chance for students interested in jobs in engineering and/or manufacturing to gain some experience and knowledge in regards to the field they one day hope to enter and be a part of.