Meet Ms. Zuenges!

McKenzie Powell
Miss Zuenges Interview

What inspired you to become a gym teacher?

In 2nd grade, I had a really cool teacher and gym was my favorite class. Through high school the teachers were more so my role models. I knew I liked being active and being around kids whether high school kids or little kids.

What about Greater Latrobe School district appealed to you?

I feel right at home. Granted I went to Derry, but a lot of my friends went here. I played Latrobe Derry Area Teener League when I was younger and a lot of kids I have in class I know there older brothers from baseball. It’s home and it has a great atmosphere!

What did you do before this?

I worked at George Jr Republic in Grove city about two north of here. It is a juvenile treatment facility. Kids live there and go to school there. It is an alternative school almost. I worked at their rope’s course facility as an adventure counselor. I got to do team building with the kids and got to teach them how to rock climb, repel,  and use the high ropes course etc.. It was a lot of fun, half of the time I got paid to rock climb.

What are you hobbies?

I like rock climbing, I play for the Pittsburgh Passions. Zuenges is #6 on the Pittsburgh Passions and plays Strong Safety. I also like anything athletic or outdoors like kayaking.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have a dog who is a Newfoundland Collie mix. His name is Buddy, he is adorable! I also have a black cat his name is Rocky. He thinks he is a dog.

Favorite color?

Yellow. Loud obnoxious bright yellow!

Favorite type of music?

I think my favorite type of music is alternative. I really like The Dave Matthews Band

Favorite food?

Any type of fruit! I could probably live on raspberries!

Peyton Manning vs Ben roethlisberger?

I’d have to say Peyton Manning, I don’t really follow football as much as I should!

Favorite Sport?

Volleyball then Baseball! Baseball is a close second!

Coach any sports?

Yes I coach volleyball and soon I will be coaching softball here at GLSD!