What Sophomores Like the Best and Worst About the Senior High


Anneliese Kail

Question: What do you like best about the Senior High? Worst?

Best: The windows and how open it is. You don’t feel like you’re in jail!
Worst: Getting lost a lot, because the upstairs looks like the downstairs. Maggie Baugh

Best: The teachers.
Worst: Homework. Kelcey Lamberski

Best: The food.
Worst: Having 10 times more work! Jared Skoloda

Best: The diversity in the classes (the grades being mixed).
Worst: Having classes on opposite ends of the building. Kallie Greek

Best: Being able to carry your backpacks.
Worst: The food. Adam Klions

Best: Getting out earlier.
Worst: The classes are more difficult. Rachael Perry

Best: The lighting is better.
Worst: The technology. Ajay Padmanabaha

Best: Having classes with others grades.
Worst: Limited locker space. Vince Maples

Best: More freedom (able to use your cell phones during school).
Worst: Having only four minutes between classes.  Kaitlynn Daughenbaugh

Best: The freedom (Treated more like an adult and you get to use your computers and cell phones during the day).
Worst: The classes are too spread out.  Emily Mulheren