Chamber of Commerce Five Percent Dinner

Chamber of Commerce Five Percent Dinner

On Wednesday, May 9, Greater Latrobe School District’s top five percent of the graduating class will be honored with a dinner at DeNunzio’s Italian Chophouse at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport. Each student invited one teacher that has had the most impact on their education or experience at Greater Latrobe. The top five percent consists of the following students along with each respective teacher they chose.

Bryan Brasile                                                              Mrs. Lynn Keyser

Caela Long                                                                  Mr. Dan Krack      

Catherine Douds                                                         Mrs. Rebecca Snyder

Austin Faddish                                                           Mrs. Kelly Echard

Melissa Sinemus                                                          Mrs. Linda Kubus

Courtney Joseph                                                         Mrs. Rebecca Snyder

Carmelena Moffa                                                        Mrs. Cindy Pompelia

Taylor Pollock                                                             Mrs. Linda Kubus

Kayla Bleckley                                                            Mr. Jeff Duda

Drew Eline                                                                  Mr. Bob Saveikis

Lauren Hennessy                                                        (not attending)

Marisa Larkin                                                              Mr. Fred Rost

Katherine Thompson                                                   Mr. Robert Saveikis

Luiza Arieta Frota DeSouza                                       Mr. Jeff Duda

Beau Gribbin                                                               Mr. Fred Rost

Jessica Kissel                                                               Mrs. Lorraine Bryner

Rachel Komisak                                                          Mr. Andrew Wnek

Kelly Pohland                                                                         Mrs. Cindy Pompelia

Rebecca Findle                                                           Mrs. Jennifer LeVan

Philip Pointkowski                                                      (not attending)

Daniel Ferguson                                                          Mr. Fred Rost

            Valedictorian Bryan Brasile enthuses about the banquet. “It is an honor to have your hard work celebrated!” he said. “It’s awesome that the teachers who have helped us come all this way are invited to appreciate their hard work and show them that their sleepless nights and long hours don’t go without purpose.”