Wrestling Standouts Finish Season with Satisfaction


The wrestling team ended their season with two wrestlers making it to the PIAA State Tournament which was located in Hershey, PA.  Senior Ty Lydic, who will be wrestling at the University of Pitt in the fall, finished fifth in his division.  “Although I fell short of winning a state title, I feel like I accomplish many goals and had a great season,” said Lydic. 

As a sophomore this year, Zack Zavatsky did very well in the PIAA state tournament despite the variables of different injuries during playoffs.  In his first match of states, Zavatsky sprained his knee but was able to wrestle through it and finish the match before getting it taped for the rest of the tournament.  To make matters worse, in his last match of states, Zavatsky received a concussion and started to become dizzy so he had to stop wrestling and default to eighth place.  Although he was disappointed that he had to stop the match early, he still felt a lot better about this year than last year.  “It felt different making it to states this year.  Last year as a freshman I was kind of overwhelmed but this year I felt more mature and ready.  I think I could’ve done better at states and had more expectations but my injuries made it difficult,” said Zavatsky.

Coach Billet was very happy to see his wrestlers make it and actually expected them to be there.  “Performance-wise we wanted to do better, but that’s true at all competitions.  We expect to be at the top of our game.  It was a tough break with Zack Zavatsky getting injured his first match, but he really showed a lot of character in coming back to place,” said Billet.