The Next Business Man: Nathan Schomer


The long process of waiting after you send your broken iPod back to the manufacturer is frustrating.  Cell phones, laptops, and iPods are a part of a typical teenager’s everyday life.  Teenagers are attached to electronics.  When a cell phone or iPod breaks, it is frustrating to lose communication with people.  In some cases, the packaging, warranty information, sending, and waiting to get something fixed doesn’t seem worth it.  Junior Nathan Schomer began his own business to fix these iPods and other electronics to help people out. 

“Since elementary school, I have been the kid that rips apart everything he can,” said Schomer.  From TV remotes, to dishwashers, to garage door openers, Schomer has had a great interest in how things work since a very young age.  He has built many things ranging from robots to electronic circuits.  “Naturally, because I like building electronics, I also enjoy fixing electronics,” said Schomer. 

This interest in fixing electronics for others started in 7th grade when Schomer decided to take apart a friend’s broken iPod to see how exactly it worked.  Once he started this project, he realized the iPod could be easily fixed.

 “I purchased the parts and fixed it with very little trouble,” said Schomer.  One thing lead to another, and after this repair, others started to come to Schomer to ask for help with their broken iPods. 

“I really don’t have a limit on what I can repair,” said Schomer, “in most cases, if I have the necessary parts available, I can fix it.”  Schomer’s most common fixes include the iPod touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, and Xbox 360’s but he can also build and fix computers as well as repair Android phones. 

The price for repairs varies depending on the type of device, ranging from $25-$90.  The prices for common repairs such as a broken headphone jack, the front glass, the back glass, and the LCD display can be found on Schomer’s website under the repairs tab,  

Schomer plans to continue his business as a side job but would like to work as an electrical or robotics engineer one day.  With all of the experience he has with electronics, he will definitely be able to find success in such fields.