Guide to Electives


What electives would be perfect for your personality and interests?

I enjoy writing, taking notes, asking people questions, flipping through magazines looking at the unique layouts, and taking pictures of events. I have great communication skills.

Match: Multimedia Journalism I & II or Latrobean Layout I & II.

I hope to open my own business one day. I am a strong public speaker, a creative thinker, patient, and organized. I am a committed individual.

Match: Entrepreneurship

I am interested in learning how to manage my money, financial fitness, and the skills required to be a wise adult living in the real world. I want to learn how to be a wise consumer when buying a car, renting my first apartment, or even obtaining insurance.

Match: Consumer Education

You can always find me in the kitchen cooking or baking something. I would be interested in learning more about menu planning, functions and ingredients, consumer science, kitchen management, and quantity food production.

Match: Basic Culinary Skills and Foods I

I have an interest in fashion, clothing design, sewing, and the construction of clothing. I would love to create my own piece of clothing using the fabric of my choice and my own style.

Match: Fabric Arts

I am a caring person and enjoy working with people of all ages. I would enjoy learning more about the physical, social, emotion, and intellectual development of children and the older population.

Match: Life Span Learning

I am creative and like to draw or develop what I plan in my mind. I would enjoy using the computer to complete architectural drawings and designing rooms using a program such as a bathroom and kitchen. Creating floor plans or a foundation for a house interest me.

Match: CAD

I am interested in pursuing a career in the fine arts. I like projects where I create a sculpture and use my artistic skills to perfect it. I don’t mind getting my hands a little messy.

Match: Ceramics I & II

I find working hands-on when it comes to designing or creating electronics fun. I would find it exciting to program a robotic arm, designing and building an aerodynamic model, or even building electronic components.

Match: Power and Transportation Systems

I am interested in pursuing a career in fine arts/ commercial photography or maybe I love taking pictures as a form of personal expression. I would enjoy investigating and practicing my photography skills and take them to the next level.

Match: Photography