Camille Dominick Takes on the Future

Ruben Rojas, Photo Editor

Ever since she was a little girl, Camille Dominick always dreamed of making a name for herself within the community. As a star player on the girls basketball team, she’s actively working on building a successful future on and off the court.

A star-studded player, Dominick manages a 4.1 GPA along with seven clubs: National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Pep Club, Interact Club, and Origami Club, and preparing herself as she moves on to college to play Division II basketball. On the court, Camille serves as a power forward as well as a small forward. Being a part of seven clubs and a basketball team can become stressful at times.

Motivation isn’t always an easy thing to have, especially this far into your senior year. ¨Time management is huge. I don´t let myself procrastinate and I plan my week out in advance.¨ Camille is known to sit down and write out everything she has going on that week in her yellow legal pad. She likes to ¨keep her goals realistic and achievable¨ because looking forward to the goals along a journey ¨makes it easier to stay motivated than just looking at the end goal.¨ 

Day by day, Camille continues to pave the way for her post high school career. “I’m excited to attend the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown. I am going to major in mechanical engineering and hopefully become an engineer post college”, Dominick said. Being a committed athlete is proof of how hard Camille works for what she wants. Camille committed in August 2022 in a twitter post. “A special thank you to my parents for everything you’ve sacrificed, and the coaches who helped me get here,” Dominick expressed via twitter. 

Post college, like previously stated, she plans to major in mechanical engineering. This major isn’t very common amongst women, but that doesn’t deter her.  Dominick shared, ¨I want to be an engineer because of my love for math and science. It is a way to bring both of those together with an art to better help communities.¨ With the urge to always help, this major is definitely one that accomplishes that while doing what she loves. 

The future can be a scary thought. Knowing what you wanna be at such a young age isn’t always the easiest thing to decide. But, for Camille, the future is something she’s been planning for and looking forward to for a while. For the near future, Camille is ready to tackle whatever life throws at her.