Beauty and the Beast 3D

Produced by Walt Disney Productions, the original musical fairytale, Beauty and the Beast, was released in 1991. Having a great success, the film earned approximately $410 million in box office earnings. With the initial movie having a great impact, a whole new generation came to life adding on to the classic with great amazing 3D imagery that is fun for the whole family to watch.   

            Returning to the big screen for the third time, Beauty and the Beast 3D captures a romantic and nerve-wracking film; putting a twist onto the classic with the 3D conversion and having eye popping scenes come off the screen unexpectedly. Although the original film didn’t change, the enhancements of some of the must see moments grab the viewers’ attention at every chance available.

            Some examples included in this 3D attention grabbers include scenes in the forest, castle, and in the ballroom. These moments are at random, letting viewers experience the movie by just watching it. While objects and body parts pop out at you on more than one occasion, you actually think you’re in the movie right along with the characters.

            When Belle reaches around Gaston’s leg for her muddy book; her arm actually comes out of the screen, giving the audience something to really “wow” about. Another exciting moment in the movie includes the spoons and other objects jumping directly from the audience right back into an on-screen punch bowl in the musical favorite of “Be Our Guest.”

            During the ballroom scene when Beauty and the Beast are dancing, her beautiful gown twirls into the audience as she glides across the floor showing great magnificence. Moments like these really let the viewers sit back and try to take in what is on and off the screen all at once.

            In this enchanted romantic film, love is challenged and questioned when two completely different people have feelings for each other and experience that spark of love for a lifetime. As everything falls into place at the end when beauty and the beast get together, the curse is finally broken at last. The beast turns back into a prince and his princess gets what she wanted, love.