Teen Mom


Every day, a variety of teens continue to get pregnant after the fact of not knowing the forms of protection and birth control. When discovering their life is about to drastically change, they must make a choice to either keep the baby, choose abortion or adoption. In 16 and Pregnant, the four young girls, Macy, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber were moms-to-be. They return from their original series to Teen Mom, a reality show focusing on the girls going through their first couple years of raising children.

            While Catelynn and her boyfriend Tyler felt it was best to give their daughter Carly up for adoption, the rest of the young women decided to take up the responsibilities of being a teen mom and raise their child with or without necessary help.

As they begin to take care of the new life they brought into this world, the moms realize it’s not as easy as they thought to support a baby when they are still considered a kid themselves. The girls try their best to work their way through motherhood, resume their education, and be a normal teenager all at once. As the mothers get a taste of reality; they face struggles, and are tested on changing relationships, especially those of friends and family coming in and out of their hectic lives.

Farrah, mother of Sophia and former cheerleader, still continues to mourn over Sophia’s father and raise her daughter on her own. When ex-boyfriend, Derrek, was killed in a motorcycle accident right before his daughter’s birth, Farrah was motivated to take care of her daughter even though she was left all alone.

Macy can barely go a day without arguing with ex-boyfriend Ryan about receiving child support. Though they are not together anymore, the couple shares custody over Bentley while they lead their own separate lives. While Macy is with Kyle, her boyfriend, Ryan continues to go out and party with his friends in the single life.

Catelynn stays strong without her daughter by her side after choosing adoption as the right decision for her, the baby, and their family. Since Catelynn’s mom moves from place to place and Tyler’s dad is in and out of jail, they both knew that their house wouldn’t be stable to raise a child.

            As every teen parent has problems within their relationship, Amber and her boyfriend Gary may have more than others. Starting with happiness and joy when baby Leah was born, it didn’t last long once the couple moved in together and things became physical. Amber and Gary continued to fight all the time and things never seemed to cool down between the two. Amber would curse and swear at Leah’s father in front of their 3-year-old daughter. It got to the point where she would physically abuse Gary by punching and hitting him. Once the situation turned into domestic violence, the police got involved and Amber was sent to jail.

            Although this reality series and plenty of celebrities in magazines and on television seems to “glamorize” teenage pregnancy and parenting, it is less than amazing. Being a mom is a huge responsibility that most if not all teenagers are not ready for. From changing diapers to paying for all expenses of their baby, it is a better idea to wait to have a family.