Editor Blog-Friendship

What is a friend? A friend is someone you can confide in, trust, and know that they will always have your back. Having close friendships is important in life. It would be impossible to have to handle stress, heartbreaks, and rough patches growing up without someone right there beside you, leading you in the right direction.

Friendships can be challenging through difficult times, but true friends always overcome their obstacles. Getting into arguments here and there is normal and healthy as long as both people talk it out and work towards an agreement. Holding problems in or not sharing something that could potentially cause more damage in a friendship is unhealthy and the wrong way to handle the situation. 

I have learned a lot so far throughout my high school career about people. I have figured out who my true friends are and a very few who I just had to let go. Some friends move across the country and it can be difficult to remain as close. Other friends meet new people and slowly drift out of your life, or maybe it’s you making the decision to end a friendship. Letting people go in life is normal. Some people will just hold you back in life and not try to do what is best for you. But just as fast as people can disappear from your life, new friends are made.

True friends want what’s best for one another and will do anything to help that person. I put my friends first the majority of the time, because I care about them and I know they would do the same for me.  I feel that I am a person who people come to vent to because I take the time to listen and understand what they are going through and try to help as much as I can. I know which friends to go to when I need to vent or to express my opinion about what is bothering me that day. That’s when I go to the people who will actually take time to listen to what I’m saying and who I know will not somehow relate the topic back to them.

Even though friends come and go, true friends always stay and have your back through everything. I am so lucky to have the friends that I do. They support me through everything and are always there for me to go to when I need guidance in my life. I can never stop laughing when I’m around them and that is what friendship is all about. Goofing off and acting ridiculous about things that no one else could understand defines my closest friendships.