High School Club Campaigning: Reflective of the Real World


In high school it usually has never been about the right option, the good option, or the overall reasonable option.  It has always been about the prettiest choice, the most prominent choice, and the ‘I don’t like/want you to win so I’ll vote for the other person’ choice.  High school campaigning has turned into a game, a battle, a giant mess of drama.

An election in high school is more or less a discreet battle field.  You bash the other person in the nicest of words, rip down their advertised campaigning when no ones around, and convince others that your opponent is completley worthless for the job.  In the end it hurts feelings, kills spirits, and makes the actual winner look like less of a leader.  I’ve seen it and so have you, sometimes it gets to be too much for a friendly competition.

Days leading up to the election you hear rude comments about the other student representatives, see a higher attempt at brown nosing to the student body, and you realize that there will always be that one person who will make the election anything but fun.  Everyone is in it to win, whether they win as a sincere person is hardly proven sometimes.

Individuals always choose sides and a hope of who they want to win when it comes to any type of competition.  Your parents will vote for you because its their nature, your teacher will honor the code of “favoritism”, and your classmates will use the oh-so-famous drama approach when it comes to this win or lose situation.

Election Day can bring tension between the canidates and even some lashing out from the club members.  You can give a speech on the platform of great change and future accomplishments, but if the antagonist interrogrates you, they can end up turning your whole campaign around.  People can be nasty, especially the kids moving about a highschool.  Should high school campaigns for club officer positions really be reflective of the real world?