To be a Second Semester Senior

To be a Second Semester Senior

In just a few weeks I will be graduating high school. As this date quickly approaches, I see all the amazing opportunities that I have the option to participate in, the wonderful experiences such as Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, Appalachia Service Project, and Multimedia Journalism, to name a few.

I see the incredible people I have had the privilege of meeting and the honor of calling my friend. I see the moments that have made me laugh, cry, and the combination of laughter and tears that only happens if I am upset and trying not to cry, fall, almost drown in the high school pool by my lifeguarding partner, bang my leg, knee, elbow or other body part off of something.

I see the conversations that have changed my life, whether it is about death in the family, a motivational speech to do my best so I can choose the college that I want to go to, or even the brief, quiet, open conversation explaining that my dad got a new job and my family is moving to a little town in Pennsylvania called Latrobe.

I see lots and lots of dancing, dance classes, dress rehearsals, recitals, parades, competitions, community shows, hallways filled with me dancing through them, desks that I tapped through my tap routines under, parking lots, front yards, drive ways, I’ve danced in, the amazing dance families I have had, and the three spectacular women who have impacted my life and instilled a love for dance within me.

I see the loving teachers that have touched my life, each leaving a little bit of themselves within me.

I see my incredible parents and brave brother, Tim, I know without the three of them I would not be where I am today.

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