An Evening at Overly’s Country Christmas


I have lived in Greensburg, Pennsylvania since August 2008, which means Christmas 2011 will be my fourth Christmas in PA. This area holds many little traditions I have yet experience like Christmas parades, ice skating at PPG Plaza, and Overly’s Country Christmas is one of them. For years many families from this area have traveled to the fairgrounds in the cold December winter to see the beautiful lights of Overly’s. I figured what better way to ensure my trip to Overly’s then add it to my senior year bucket list.

On Saturday December 10, 2011, I was accompanied by a group of friends to Overly’s Country Christmas.  We waited for what felt like forever on Mt. Pleasant Road in an at least 50 car line, because the line to get into the gate was extremely backed up. After about 45 minutes of waiting to get into the fairgrounds, we decided to follow the “park at own risk” sign, and park on the hillside instead of in the gravel parking lot. Because we “parked at our on risk,” we walked into Overly’s instead of driving through the lights.

I can understand the excitement I would feel if I was younger visiting for the first time. The twinkling lights of the carousel captivated my attention instantly and the live nativity scene took me back in time. The homemade items at the Country Store were creatively made and fun to look at. After walking around and popping in the variety of stores and exhibits, my group of friends enjoyed a hot and rich tasting hot chocolate around a roaring bon fire.

I am glad I decided that Overly’s Country Christmas deserved to be on my senior year bucket list. The laughs with my friends, and the sparkling lights made Overly’s a worthwhile senior year experience.