Editor Blog- Media Affects Body Image of Teens

The idealized female body is everywhere- commercials, fashion shows, magazines, and in movies. The media makes tall, thin, and tan features on women appear as if this body type is “perfect.” Teenagers or women, no matter how old, should feel confident with their body, which should be portrayed through the media rather than having a model of the “ideal” body.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is an annual event aired on CBS filled with the costumes, accessories, and of course the Victoria’s Secret Angels  who appeared flawless. After the show, when I logged onto Facebook, I came across so many posts from girls saying how they wish they could be just like the models and have their bodies. Some even made comments about how they are going to watch the fashion show and eat junk food to feel sorry for themselves. Why in the world would teenagers think that these professional models are perfect? These models will literally prepare themselves throughout the entire year to keep in shape for fashion shows. The Angels probably have their own personal trainer 24/7 and follow a strict diet to keep them toned and ready for the next year’s fashion show.

A typical teenage girl goes to school for 7 hours, has to make time to study, finish all of that night’s homework, work, and make time to go out with friends. For me at least, there is limited time left in my day to just give back to myself. I’m a typical teenager and I don’t have time to dedicate time to work out every single day and to follow a strict diet. I feel that it is unrealistic for teenagers to work towards the “model” body.

If the media’s message to all of the young women is to look like these models, then they should equal it out with models or actresses feeling confident with their body no matter what size. Role models have portrayed this message such as Tyra Banks on her show “America’s Next Top Model.” Banks speaks out and shows that even plus size women can be great models by including plus size models in the competitions.

 Teenage girls need to not think less of themselves when they see a Photoshopped model in a magazine with a perfect complexion and a perfectly toned body. The media should show more of celebrities or models feeling confident in their bodies and not change who they are for someone they’re not. Everyone is  their person and should not have to live their life looking up to a figure that the media portrays as “perfect,” but instead grow up and live by their expectations-no one else’s.