A Survivor

Isabella Depetris, Staff Writer

“I tried my best to just act like everything was normal and tried to swim/play my instrument like it was normal and nothing ever happened.” Senior Abby Vogelsang after being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer she tried as much as she could to keep her life the same. 

She was diagnosed with early on stage three Ovarian Cancer at age sixteen.  “I had surgery to remove the majority of the tumor then I had chemotherapy.”  In order for her to become cancer free.  The great news came in July when she was 17 that she was in remission and the cancer was gone. 

However, Vogelsang couldn’t have gotten there without her support system.  “ My band mates and teammates on the swim team were huge along with my family.”  Her support system alongside her beliefs got her through to the other side of the fight to become cancer free.  

Despite her diagnosis she tried to attend her extracurriculars as much as possible.  “ I was unable to swim during that time because of how tired I was from the stress of the chemo on my body and I was only at very few band rehearsals.”  Vogelsang is a part of the Leatherman’s club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Greater Latrobe Female Varsity Swimming Team, Aqua club, along with the Band.

Vogelsang started swimming during her third grade year and playing for the band in fourth grade.  Both activities became a major part of her life.  She acted like everything was fine during her treatments and tried to do everything she was able to do before being diagnosed.  After she was cancer free she got back into attending every practice for both swim and band.  

I realized that I am in fact vulnerable and that life can get turned upside down in a split second.”  After overcoming Cancer Vogelsang’s perspective on life changed however her passion for what she loves to do is still intact and she keeps fighting everyday to be the best she can.