Dropping and Switching Classes


As a new school begins, many students are realizing that the classes they scheduled in the spring are not exactly what they wanted.

“I dropped Latrobean Layout for Journalism II because I took Journalism I last year, and after I thought about it, I really wanted to continue journalism.” 

Rachel Stauffer, Junior

“I dropped my study hall in the cafeteria to go to the band room instead, in order to practice my flute and do other work that I have to get done in the band room.” 

Sarah Conley, Senior

“I switched to Academic English III from English III for more of a challenge.”

Cory Saddler, Junior

“I am dropping Pre-Calculus because I don’t like math and I will not need for my profession.”

Daniel Sarver, Junior

“I switched Sports 1 to Physical Fitness 1. I feel that physical fitness will better help my health and will teach me how to work out independently and show me new techniques.”

Lauryn Gianotti, Junior

“I had an extra study hall to drop and I picked ceramics because it’s a hands on class that will get me more active rather than sitting in my study hall.”

Linda Comunale, Junior