Freedom Writers: They had a dream


          Having to come to school is hard to do for many teens, who complain about issues and experience non-stop drama. They may have it bad, but another person’s life can be a lot worse. Others have to wake up every morning with fear, not knowing if they’ll be able to live another day. The movie Freedom Writers, based on a true story, reflects the hopes of teens through the inspiration of their English teacher.                   

           Once Erin Gruwell (Hilary Swank) takes the job as an English teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in the city of Long Beach, California, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. As Gruwell begins her first day of teaching, she steps into a whole new world. With a class of racially diverse students, including African-American, Latino, White, and Asian; they all have a story to tell but no one seems to be listening. From poor kids living in the ghetto to gang members and delinquents, education isn’t the most important thing to them.

           Although these teens believe they have no chance at all of being successful, their English teacher proves them wrong. Using different techniques to help them participate, Mrs. Gruwell gave them an opportunity and had faith in them, when others didn’t. When their teacher gave out journals to the class, each student was able to write down their thoughts and experiences; allowing them to be the author of their own life.

            Going through struggles and living to see another day was all they knew before walking into room 203. In this amazing, heartbreaking, true story; teens were given a second chance to show everyone what they can do. Starting off as a group of kids who had hatred for their fellow classmates, these students not only became friends, but also grew into a family. They were the “Freedom Writers.”