Greater Latrobe Career Fair


  Being in your junior year can be difficult. With your second year into high school, a great amount of decisions must be made; especially having to think about what you would like to pursue in life after graduating. Having all that in mind, the career fair is a great opportunity to learn about a variety of careers, speak with professionals, and receive all of the answers to the questions you may have.

                On December 15, students in 11th grade only will be able to attend the career fair; taking place in both the cafeteria and CSC. Students will be divided into two groups. One group will be in the cafeteria listening to a speech concerning jobs and training for the Marcellus Shale. Mrs. Wydareny says, “I feel that the exposure students will have to the Marcellus Shale speech and the variety of guests will be appealing, allowing everything to run smoothly at the event.” A representative from Excela Health will be a guest speaker also to present local careers. The other group will be in the Center for Student Creativity, CSC, finding out information on their interested career choices.

              Over 28 representatives will be at tables, in which students can interview community members about skills and other things necessary. Two returning Greater Latrobe alumni will be Marcus Morelli from Skena productions, and Brian Newcomer, an auto mechanic. While guests are coming back for yet another interesting year, a few new others will be attending. Heidi Kozar will be sharing her pattern designs and Teri Berardi, a court reporter, will show insight to her job.

              While juniors are gaining insight for these professions, seniors who are enrolled in a business course are highly recommended to take part, by helping out, supervising, and giving attention towards the attendants.  All volunteers will be in charge for hosting the event; including serving refreshments to the guests, greeting, and also guiding each group into the designated area.

                 “The students will have a great opportunity to get enough information necessary, in which there will be a career represented for everyone, with a wide variety of different choices,” said Mrs. Wydareny.

                In this life-learning event, much information will exhibited throughout, allowing students to get the most out of this experience as possible. Occurring throughout the CSC and cafeteria in the first half of the day, local professionals will be a big help by giving back to the community and letting Greater Latrobe students live their dream, no matter how big it is.