Pens Blog: Colorado Avalanche


The Pittsburgh Penguins had a rocky start on Tuesday night while playing the Colorado Avalanche. The Pens were shoved around the ice like rag dolls during the first period.  After their saddening performance in the first 30 minutes of the game, the Pens were down 3-1.  They rallied hard with Bylsma during the 25 minute intermission. The Penguins had enough of being knocked around by the youthful Avalanche, they were in it to win it. The tides began to turn heading into the second period, with one unanswered goal by Pascal Dupuis for the Pens.

The third period was a surprise to all. Neal, Orpik, Malkin, and Letang all scored to start the third against goalie Semyon Varlamov as the Penguins turned a 3-2 deficit into a 6-3 runaway. “It was one of those things where every time we felt like we were going to get some momentum back we didn’t get the bounce we needed or the call we needed,” said Colorado’s Matt Duchene.

The Colorado Avalanche started this game strong, but lacked the momentum to retain a win. The more experienced Penguins answered their opening with a grand slam finish. The comeback Pittsburgh Penguin fans have come to love.