Legacies in the Making.

Giovanna Jones and Ryley Quinn

     Legacies in the making. The Greater Latrobe Girls fall sports teams of 2022 are creating their own legacies. It is something that the players and the school community will never forget.  Girls’ Volleyball, Field hockey, and Soccer all have made school history with their accomplishments because of their hard work, dedication, and perseverance. 

     The Girls’ Volleyball team achieved an impressive undefeated regular season going 16-0, and have also qualified for the PIAA tournament. This team is the fourth sports team at Greater Latrobe ever to go undefeated, being the first girls’ team to ever do so.

     The Girls’ Soccer team has had its first and second WPIAL Playoff win in program history just in the 2022 season. Making it to the semifinals, the girls became the first-ever girls’ soccer team at Latrobe to qualify for the PIAA tournament. 

     The Girls’ Field Hockey team had a record-breaking season closing with a record of 8-4-2. Impressively beating Fox Chapel in overtime during a very physical semifinal matchup sending them to the 2A WPIAL Championship game against number one ranked Penn Trafford. 

     With all of the historical accomplishments made this fall by the girls’ sports teams at Greater Latrobe, a coach and team member Q&A was done to get an insider look into thoughts about the season. 




    Senior Volleyball Starting Defensive Specialist, Gabby Sukay, along with her coach Drew Vosefski, answered a few questions regarding their undefeated, historical season. 

How does it feel to not only be the first-ever girls’ volleyball team but the first-ever girls’ team in Latrobe history to be undefeated? What contributed to that success? 

    “It’s truly a remarkable and thrilling feeling to accomplish these things (or: to fulfill these accomplishments). It did take a team with a purpose, vision, dedication, and the will to execute. All that being said,  it ultimately came down to the tight-knit connection our team had and the trust we held for each other.”

How does it feel being the first team to make states, and what is your outlook and motivation for states?

      “It feels gratifying and fulfilling to be the first team to make states. Our success ultimately depends on not only the team’s diligence and drive to succeed, but the overall mindset and energy that exemplifies the talents of our team.”

What is one aspect of this team that you will miss the most after the closing of this season?

     “I will forever miss all of the laughs we shared at every practice, the countless memories made and bonds formed, and just the never-ending joy and serotonin this team brought to my life. Working with this team for the past 6 years, I wouldn’t want to go through this experience or make history with any other group of girls.”

Coach Vosefski clearly has a special place in his heart for the 2023 Senior team members along with the entire Volleyball Team as their season would not be the same if it weren’t for his leadership as their coach and role model. 

As for coaching both male and female sports, how does this season of girls’ volleyball compare to every other? 

    “This season was exemplary regardless. The reason we were successful, besides great talent at all positions, was this team played as a team and played for each other for team goals, not personal goals, so this is a team I will have fond coaching memories forever.”

What is one aspect you will miss the most after the closing of this season? 

   “The knowledge that this was a special group of young ladies who will now move on with their lives and I will no longer have those special coach-player practices, talks, bus rides, Sheetz runs every day. But, I will smile every time I think of the 2022 girls’ volleyball team.”

Have the girls surprised you this season with their work ethic, accomplishments, and determination to succeed? If yes, how so? 

   “Surprised? No, this team knew their potential from day one and said we will accept nothing but our best every time they step on the court. I am more than proud of all team members. It takes everyone on a team to row the boat in the same direction, and the dedication and work ethic came through and that is what provided our success this season.”




Senior Soccer Player Kendall Piper the difficulty of their season with dropping to 3A, and how this group stood up to the challenge all while setting program history. 

How does it feel to be the first soccer team in program history to win a playoff game, make it to WPIAL semifinals, and qualify for states? 

    “Honestly it feels incredible to be able to set that standard for the younger girls coming up so they know what this team and program is truly capable of. It shows that with hard work and great team chemistry we can achieve whatever we set our minds to.”                                                                                                                                                 

Who was your toughest opponent all season and why? What made that win the most rewarding of them all?

      “I think our toughest opponents had to be either Franklin or Plum. Franklin was our only loss from last season after being undefeated for a while and it felt good to be able to come back and show them that we wanted it. Plum was also a great win. They have a great team and are very quick, and they had an undefeated record for I believe 4 straight seasons. So being able to show up and beat them out second time playing them was a huge mentality boost for us because it shows that we can compete with harder teams as long as we stayed consistent with our play and worked for each other.”

What are some of the aspects of your team that have carried you all the way through the past few seasons?      

      “I think one of the biggest things that carried us through these past seasons was us becoming a family. At the beginning of every season we always liked to point out our goals and how we would have to work to get there. But most importantly we came up with a phrase to call ourselves. Family was always brought up because on and off the field, that’s what truly makes you more than just teammates. We have always set high goals for ourselves, especially after last season being section champs. This year our goal was to make it to the states and we did just that.” 

What is one aspect of this team that you will miss the most after the closing of this season? 

   “I think what I’ll miss the most is the constant support from my teammates and how amazing it felt to know that you were a part of something bigger than yourself. The Latrobe Girls Soccer team was more than just a team, it was a family. We have made history and I’m sad to not be there firsthand anymore but I’ll always be able to remember the accomplishments we created as a unit.”

     The unique aspect of being a family became very important to these girls all due to the hard work and teachings of Coach Jamie Morrison.  She has made it very clear that this is one aspect of their team that makes them unlike another.

 How does it feel as a coach to see a shift in girls’ soccer as your girls have made playoffs for the first few times these last few years and this year making an impressive run in playoffs?  

      “I couldn’t be more proud of what these ladies have accomplished. From whenever I took over the program and we were losing many games, every single year I’ve coached we have gotten a little bit better and really progressed. We’ve worked really hard on the chemistry and the team culture as a whole. Just really raising each other up helps us to find the successes we have not been able to do in the past. Going from two years ago making playoffs the first time and experiencing that level and then the next year coming back to do it again, making it to the quarter-finals, then this year winning two rounds and qualifying for states. Full credit to them, they are an extremely talented group of young ladies with them working together the way they have been, it’s a beautiful game to watch.”

What motivation do you as a coach give to your team that has helped them to succeed and make this run into playoffs?

     “We look to help give them pictures and create different strategies that best harness their abilities as individual players so we can fully put them all together as one powerful unit where they can use their unique talents to achieve one collective goal. there are only 11 players on a soccer field and we play 80 minutes of intense play. So, being able to have the support of their teammates is necessary.”

What is one aspect of this team that you will miss the most after the closing of this season? 

        “It’s a special group of young ladies because I actually had the opportunity to coach this year’s senior class when they were U12 on a club program, so they’re just a special group near and dear to my heart. They have been with me since we were not having as much success with this program, day in and day out, helping us raise the level of play. Seniors Sofia, Kendall, Makenna, Chloe, and Natalie are all phenomenal leaders and have incredible personalities. Every girl brings something so special to the team and we’re definitely going to miss them next  year.”




    The girls’ field hockey team was able to finish its season with many accomplishments. Lauren Sapp a senior shared insight into their team and what lead them to the Class 2A WPIAL finals this year. 

What was the feel and experience of being a WPIAL finalist compared to a regular season game? 

    “Being a finalist feels very rewarding. We’ve all worked so hard to get where we are and proud we’re being acknowledged for it.”

 What was a change this year that made you successful to be in the championship game compared to other seasons? 

    “This year we all really stepped up and communicated with each other what works and what needs to change. Our communication with each other and our coaches definitely made the season run smoother than in past years.”

 What is one aspect of this team that you will miss the most after the closing of this season? 

     “I’m definitely going to miss the support from all the girls. Whether it’s in a drill or in a game, they always make me smile and feel proud of myself.”

     Head coach of the field hockey team, Jeff Giordan made it clear what their mentality was for the entirety of the season. With his coaching and the abundant leadership from his team, and specifically seniors, the field hockey team accomplished many things. 

How did your mentality or preparations change or shift from the regular season to playoffs and eventually the WPIAL finals?

     “As we got into the second half of the regular season, we put some wins together, but my focus and theme was to just work on today.  Whether a practice, game or off day, it was a matter of putting in the best effort that you could, this was also adhered to by myself and the coaching staff.   With only 5 teams in AA, some complacency could creep in since we were assured a playoff spot. The team made sure that didn’t happen by closing out the season with 4 straight wins.  The win over Fox Chapel in the semifinals was yet another test of the team not getting down after giving up the first goal, and even going into overtime. The team was able to focus and score the goal that took us back to the finals, which we hadn’t been to since the 2019 season. We tried not to change a whole lot from what we did to get to the finals, just play as a team, hustle to every ball, play to the whistle and see how the bounces treat us.  Though the bounces did not go our way in the finals, they tried to make adjustments throughout the game, not once giving up. That is the way I’ve always played the game, and it’s great as a coach to see the team play the same way.”

What is one aspect of this team that you will miss the most after the closing of this season? 

     “The biggest aspect of the team that I will miss is how much energy and talent we had in all three parts of the field: defense, midfield, and forward. That played a big part in helping out our varsity goalie through her first full season in a positive way, as well as changing how teams had to play against us, which we’ve never really had a reputation of.”

What were the benefits of having a large and experienced senior class? How did their leadership contribute to the season? 

     “Having so many players that have multiple seasons of field hockey was huge in how well they worked together this season.  This sets the bar high for the other classes to aspire to play at that same level going forward.  Their leadership allowed me to actually coach a lot less during games, keying into the communication among the players and giving them guidance in certain situations.  I had confidence in their ability to execute whatever tactics were needed at certain times of the game and season.  It also helped that they reacted well to certain drills in practice that I would hope to push them to play at the higher levels needed in games.” 


    All three of these sports had a remarkable season in their own ways. These girls have opened up a path for girls’ sports to continue to thrive at Greater Latrobe. These groups have truly inspired many to see you can do anything to put your mind to with working hard, determination, and teamwork. Through anything, these teams worked together to accomplish so many goals and some making history along the way. These girls have proven that they are not to be taken lightly, and have truly created their own legacies.