Girls Field Hockey Fights On


Giovanna Jones, Co-Editor-and-Chief

The girls’ field hockey team is having a tremendously successful season and, with playoffs around the corner, the girls are looking to make this year one for the books. They are rolling through this season with an impressive record of 7 wins, 4 ties, and 2 losses, placing them second in their competitive section. 

Their section includes two powerhouse rivalry teams, Fox Chapel and Penn Trafford. Penn Trafford has managed to clinch the section for a few years, but senior captain Taylor Desko says, “If there’s a year to beat them, this is the year.” 

Over the last four years, the big senior class of 18 girls has managed to build up dynamic team chemistry because not only are they friends on the field, but they are also extremely close off the field. Desko stated, “We’ve beaten teams that we haven’t beaten in years due to the fact that we have built up so much team chemistry. It’s such a reward to be able to finally use it on the field.” The tight-knit bonds of the large graduating class allow a competitive edge that not many other schools possess because not many schools have a full starting lineup of completely experienced and communicative seniors. 

The leading scorer and Senior forward Hope Cerny talks about the pros and cons of a big senior class. She said, “I don’t really think we have any real challenges with having such a big senior class. If anything, it is beneficial for us.” These benefits come in the form of a multitude of strengths that every girl contains, making it easy to assess and play off of each other’s weaknesses.  

Leading into playoffs, expectations to go far are pretty high, especially with the seniors looking to make the rest of the season quite memorable. Senior captain Josie Straigis says, “ As long as every girl gives it their all every game, we should be able to beat almost every team we have to play.” 

Based on their current section placement as second,  the team is on its way to their first-round WPIAL playoff game against Fox Chapel. But, they are prepared for the fight. Earlier in the season, the Cats suffered a hard-fought 1-0 loss to them on their home field. This loss fueled them. It challenged them to work harder in practices and in the following games. 

Cerny, Straigis, and Desko continued to talk about the level of play Fox Chapel brings that requires the team to truly step up to the plate and work as one, unstoppable unit. Desko stated, “Every time we play them, it’s an extremely competitive game where every play counts. This year, we have faith that we can beat them in the first round of the playoffs.” 

This extremely competitive gameplay was exemplified in their most recent matchup on Fox Chapel’s home turf where the Cats were determined to bring home a well-deserved 3-2 victory. This faith radiates throughout the team and coaching staff as the girls have displayed tremendous confidence and connections through the intensity at which they play their games. 

The girls are looking to put all of their hard work to use during these tough upcoming games as their grit and determination will be put to the ultimate test against Fox Chapel in the first round of playoffs Thursday, October 27th, at a mutual field location. This team has faith, energy, skill, and chemistry that is bound to take them very far into playoffs proving to the entire WPIAL that Greater Latrobe Field Hockey is a force to be reckoned with.