Editor Blog – Giving Thanks!


Sure, we are all thankful for the turkey that graces our table on Thanksgiving, but as I reflect, there are many other blessings in my life.

Sure, we are all thankful for the turkey that graces our table on Thanksgiving, but as I reflect, there are many other blessings in my life.

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, many begin to give thanks for all they have. I can truly say that I, and many others around me, have so much to be thankful for. When you put life into perspective, you then understand how good your life truly is. When you truly think about life, there is so much to be grateful for. In addition to the traditional food flowing on the table, the company and close feeling of family and friends, Thanksgiving often evokes the feelings of gratitude.

Hosting the annual Thanksgiving dinner at my home for many years, a tradition began that I will remember for life. A plastic tablecloth was placed on the vast table, and with sharpies square placemats were created at each place setting. “I am Thankful For…” was written on each and sharpies were placed throughout the table. Throughout and after dinner, each family member had the opportunity to write what they were thankful for on the table. At the end of the evening, we would roll up the plastic and keep it for posterity. In this time of thanks, I, too, will reflect on all of the blessings I have in the “table cloth” below: 

Supportive Family
Not only does my immediate family help to shape the individual I am today, but my entire family acts a solid base for my maturation. The support they provide to me is immense. They are all so important for me; I am truly blessed for my family.

Food. Shelter. Clothing. The things that many take for granted. They are the daily items that make life easier. Past generations would have done anything for the many innovative technologies that we have today – cell phones, laptops, refrigerators, washing machines, the list continues. Though perceived small, they are important to the ease of daily life.

My life is full of so many great opportunities and a bright future ahead.  

In addition to family, my friendships are the next best connections I have in my life. Laughing, sharing and expressing with others truly help to make life better. The friendships I have developed over the years will last and impact me well into the future.  

Living in the United States is a blessings all its own. Individuals living in other countries would do anything for the freedoms and liberties we are given at birth. Compared to many places in the world, life in the United States is truly and uniquely great.

Our Soldiers
All past, present and future soldiers of the United States should be commended. Risking their lives daily to keep our lives safe and without harm is a deed we can never repay to themselves and their families.

Good Health
Another factor in life often taken for granted is simple health. Individuals don’t realize the severity of illnesses until it strikes a family member. My own family, as well as myself, are truly blessed with good health throughout life.

Though some days I wish I didn’t have to go to school, the fact is that my education is truly important in my life. Children in third world countries would give anything for just one day in the classroom. Influencing, passionate teachers and a positive school district work to provide a great education that will assist me into the future.