A year of change


Owen Clark, Age: 17

This crazy pandemic year has given me the chance to grow in so many ways. I have gained new hobbies, new skills, and new interests, but this year has also introduced a lot of stress and as a teenager, I needed to learn how to overcome the mass amounts of stress. I often found myself with no motivation for anything, it eventually got so bad that I didn’t even have enough motivation to get up and play a video game. My guitar playing also took a plummet in the first couple of months of quarantine, I told myself that I was going to practice guitar every day during quarantine, but my lack of motivation got the best of me, and I ended up not seriously practicing guitar at all for 2 months. This was very saddening for me because it felt like I had completely lost interest, but eventually, I realized that this was just a valley in a long graph of peaks and valleys, this is very common for musicians. I eventually got back into guitar, and at one point I was playing for more than 6 hours a day. I started learning music production. I got an audio interface, studio monitors, music editing software, etc. I never realized how difficult it is to produce music, I haven’t really made any progress yet, but I’ll eventually get there, it is a long process. Throughout the first half of the pandemic year, I was able to continue through with my diet, and I ended up losing 50 lbs, but the motivation for that also went away, so I ended up falling off track and I managed to gain half of that weight back. I am trying to find the motivation to diet again, but it isn’t easy at all, especially since I’m home all the time, surrounded by food. A new hobby that I picked up during the summer was video game collecting. I started buying a bunch of old games and consoles. I even got a CRT TV from 2005 to play the games on to get the authentic experience. I would spend hours looking at eBay for good deals. My favorite place to go to get games is Warp Zone in Greensburg, they have a lot of cool stuff there. I also took some time to get better at some smaller hobbies of mine, like drawing. I have done a few drawings; I don’t make my own drawings, I just look off of something and try to draw it and do the shading.  This is a drawing I did of Goku from Dragon Ball Z, I spent a couple of hours on the shading. Music is what helped me get through this year. Playing guitar, recording music, listening to music, talking about different bands with my friends, and finding new music to listen to, were all things that helped me make it through the year.