The Navy Seal Challenge


A new exciting program has come to GLSHS to allow students to push their limits while simultaneously comparing their physical state to that of a true Navy Seal. The Navy Seal Challenge took place Monday, November 7, 2011 in the high school’s athletic department. Students looking for a way to blow off steam, relieve stress, and test themselves participated in the hour and a half long event that vigorously assessed their skills.

After being contacted by the National High School Coaches Association, gym teacher Mr. Byers agreed to organize a challenge at Latrobe. “The Navy Seal’s Challenge is a challenge [they] compete in as part of their personal training to become a member of the Navy Seals,” Byers says.

Students were eager to participate in an event that the highest level of military is required to complete. Drew Eline, a senior who participated, saw this challenge as a great opportunity. “I thought the challenge would be great, since I’ll be seeing what my limits are and seeing how I stack up against the Navy Seals,” Eline said before the challenge took place.

The Navy Seal Challenge is ultimately a test that includes a 500-yard swim in less than eleven minutes, a two minute push-up test, a two minute pull-up test, a two minute sit-up test, and a one and a half mile run that must be completed in under eleven minutes and thirty seconds. Byers believes that this is a resourceful stepping stone for high school students. “It’s a great way for the kids here at Latrobe to challenge themselves mentally and physically, and see how they match up with some of our military,” he said.

Senior Phil Schnupp, a current member of the United States Military, seizes the opportunity to partake in an event right down his alley. “I thought it’d be something fun to do because it has to do with the military,” Schnupp said. Phil views the experience as a way to test his physical ability.

A Navy Seal himself, Chief Dan Hawthorn, oversaw many groups complete their challenges. Having been on six deployments and having traveled around the world three times, Hawthorn is well-learned in the naval field. “I have seen and done a lot more than I thought I would have achieved at this point in my life,” he said.

He encourages students to consider joining the Navy as well. Despite the rigorous training, he believes being a Navy Seal is definitely attainable. “I saw plenty of kids pass the test as well as 30-35 individuals who have what it takes to be a Navy Seal,” said Hawthorn.     

Because this challenge had over 110 participants, Byers and Chief Hawthorn plan on organizing another Navy Seal Challenge event for the spring semester. Along with a free tee-shirt for every participant, three dollars are donated to the Latrobe physical education program raising a totally of 350 dollars for new gym class equipment. Overall, the Navy Seal Challenge was a wonderful success.

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