Veteran’s Day “Letters Home”

Veterans Day Letters Home

On Monday, November 14, Greater Latrobe will be recognizing Veteran’s Day in a new way. “Letters Home”, a play unique to this holiday, will be performed in the high school auditorium periods two and three for the senior high and ten and eleven for the junior high. CSC director, Jessica Golden, coordinated the event to raise awareness for this significant patriotic holiday.

The title of the show sums up the plot: it is about the letters that soldiers at war send home to their loved ones. It portrays to the audience the hardship of training and deployment our soldiers go through, as well as their bravery and compassion.

“Letters Home” brings the war in Afghanistan and Iraq to the attention of students by bringing a sense of their lives to Greater Latrobe’s stage. Such meaning lies in the saying “Support Our Troops” therefore it is equally important to support those who have already fought for the freedom of America.

The sincere hope of those who coordinated this event is that it truly speaks to viewers and makes them appreciate our veterans by revealing the reality of war.