Thanksgiving Craft


With the new turn of the calendar, it’s time to begin preparing for the next upcoming holiday. Similar to the Halloween decoration craft, the Thanksgiving craft turns brown paper bags into fun, festive decorations with a prize inside!

                Some things you will need to complete this craft include:

  • A sheet of white computer paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Two small brown paper lunch bags, and one large brown shopping bag
  • Popcorn
  • Scotch tape


1. To begin your masterpiece, start by cutting two small rectangles, 3 X 2.5 inches each, from your computer paper. Make small cuts on the ends of one side of each square to create a “fringe” effect.

2. Create the “drumsticks” of your turkey by putting your fist in each paper bag and forming the bag around the shape of your fist. Fill each brown paper lunch bag about 2/3 full with popcorn, twist it at the top, and use Scotch tape to hold them shut.

3. Wrap your frill around the end of each drumstick and hold it together with Scotch tape.

4. To create the body of your turkey, carefully round the edges of a large brown shopping bag. . Fold the sides of your bag in and fill it with popcorn. (Newspaper is an alternative)

5. Finally, secure your bag by gathering the opening and closing it with tape.

 6. Attach all the pieces of your turkey with tape, and there you have a festive craft everyone can enjoy.


Inspiration for this craft was derived from