Editor Blog-Rachel Stauffer

Working at the Meadows Frozen Custard in Greensburg has been a main part of my life for a year and five months now. The people I work with are my second family and my life today would definitely be different if I would have never gotten the chance to meet them. I love my job; the hours are perfect, the number of days I work is great, and my coworkers always keeping laughing.

Earning my own money has taught me responsibility and independence. Before this job I would have to ask my parents for extra money almost every weekend and I hated knowing I may or may not get rejected. I was either limited to however much money they decided to give me, or the worst part, I had to stay under their spending limit no matter where I was going. If a friend invited me to go shopping I was given a limit; it was implied I could not go near that limit or I would suffer the consequences…usually a long lecture.

Even though some people may have thought otherwise, I was never a spoiled teen. I may have asked for a lot (what teenager doesn’t) but I was always thankful and understanding whenever they denied the must-have wants for a teenage girl such as a designer bag, Sperry shoes, UGG boots, or Sephora makeup. Having a job for over a year allows me to pay for my spontaneous “wants.” I can buy that cute shirt I see at American Eagle or a pair of Coach Sneakers that I have been eyeing up every time I walk through Macy’s shoe section. I love being able to use the money I earned on my own towards accessories or items that I would love to see in my closet.   

Even though I love everything about my job, working three to four days a week and having a million things to get done each night for my classes is quite overwhelming and stressful. I always go to my parents when I am struggling with balancing my job with school work, but I hesitate whenever my job becomes the issue. My dad always tells me that I should reconsider working my senior year and just focus on my school work. I agree quitting my job would make my life easier but it is and never will be an option for me this year. How would I pay for my weekly gas station visits or something I see on the spot when I’m walking through the mall? How would I go out with friends as often? How would I not worry too much about the money I’m spending knowing that it is my money I’m spending and not my parents’.

Having the freedom to spend my money however I please is very rewarding. I’ve been tucking away in half of each paycheck into saving, knowing it will pay off when I’m miles away living on my own in college. It’ll be helpful on the nights I’ll be staying up late studying and need coffee, going to subway for a quick bite to eat, or shopping at the Grove City Outlets not too far from Gannon University.

 It makes me feel independent knowing that I do not have to ask my parents for money weekly. I feel responsible now that I make my own money, have my own bank account with a savings and checking account.

 At the beginning of my senior year I made a promise to myself that I will be able to get through my senior year having a part-time job. I managed to survive working my entire junior year so what would be different this year? I am not someone who gives up easily-I may get stressed out easily, but I do not give up. Even though my parents feel that having a part-time job and being a senior in high school puts way too much stress on me, I know I can finish my senior year out strong since I worked so hard to reach this peak in my high school career. I love working at the Meadows and nothing is going to come between that.